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THE DINING DEAD is an indie-alternative band hailing from the isolated hillsides of Santa Clarita, CA. Comprised of Marina Sakimoto (guitar, vox, keys), Reese Jensen (bass guitar, vox), Dan-Dan Cook (guitar), and Kyle Jensen (drums), this relatively young band will for many recall the over-driven, cautiously-optimistic tones of the 1990s...



individual projects03/12/2014

  during our indefinite hiatus, some of us have been working on our own projects!   Dan Dan's new album 'INERTIA' (chilled out electronic kawaii beats) d0lphinsp.bandcamp.com   my new EP 'HONEY, MILK AND BLOOD' (emo shoegaze sad girl pop) shunkan.bandcamp.com   our second album will be released, but we currently don't have...

tonight was my last recording session!01/29/2014

    this band has meant the world to me, and I can't wait to show you guys what we have. I'm very proud of the guys and what we've made. thanks for all of the support and good vibes. ily! cheers, Marina

recording continues…01/20/2014

spent several hours rerecording, laying down new tracks, etc. etc. yay! Reese is just angry because there's no more pizza... luv u, friends xo    

Reese is back from his north west adventure!01/10/2014

   time to record before I leave on mine! -Marina x    

running low on cassettes!!!01/02/2014

will not be pressing another batch!!! get them while I'm still in this country!!! -Marina x

happy new years!12/31/2013

forget the snake, 2014 is the year of our second album.    

back on track with practicing and recording!12/22/2013

our second album 'Night Drives Save Lives' will be out early 2014! see you soon

our songs on air tomorrow! 5Nov201311/04/2013

our friend John Sanchez will be playing our songs on the air from 11AM-1PM and 11PM-12AM tomorrow on KWVA 88.1! http://kwva.uoregon.edu/listen-live/

upcoming single10/15/2013

can’t wait for you guys to hear the upcoming single!! doing as much as we can when we can... x  
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